Friday, April 24, 2009

What Does BUG Mean...

What is a bug?
A bug is an error, a defect, a mistake, failure, fault and many more things can turn up to a single word called bug.
As per my knowledge a bug is an action performed by humans unknowingly or unconsciously.
There are many types and ways of creating bugs but, if some listed there are GUI, Hardware, Functionality, communication, lack of resources, requirement (specz.) and many more to go…

What does a BUG do?
Bothers when Unidentified under a Given time…

When a bug is found?
Brings out Unsatisfactory Grounds...

Why a BUG is found?
Brick Upper-class Group...

These are some description of BUGs.

No one likes bugs neither a developer and nor a tester. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say, being in testing field a tester has to find bugs but, if a single small bug skip outs from his hand then
God save testers.

Some time it sounds like we (testers) are investigating a real time murderer or a serial killer. Off course bugs, finding them red handed is not an easy job but, we can say testing is fun coz bugs are our friends. Friend’s coz they (bugs) help testers to learn and improvise quality of a product and not just quality many more hidden aspect of a product. Some time developers don’t like this friendship between bugs and a tester, they think (assumption) being for a while in testing testers become magnet, a magnet which attracks bugs they automatically stand in front of testers saying, now that you have found me try your hands to solve me(kill) .
Talking about developers and tester, why can’t a developer find a bug and why always a tester does! We can compare this by an example of a parent (developer) who thinks my child is the most innocent child in this whole world but, they don’t realize what a (testers) teacher has to undergo with child’s splits personality in a classroom.

As we say a coin has two face same ways a bug also has two different faces, first face which is very harsh, rude and nasty, second one which teach us a life time lesson.

Quite a few similarities between a tester and bug see, tester find nos. of bug and bug show nos. of faces. By finding a bug testers achieve their motive and by creating a nuisance bug achieve their motive, bugs irritate testers and testers irritate developers, bug marks his presence in a product and testers also mark their presence while testing a product.
As we say quality cannot be defined same way a bug cannot be defined.
I also prefer James Bach and Michael Bolton definition of a bug which says “a bug is anything that bugs someone who matters”
Many testers had opposed or you can say do not agree with this statement due to some reason.
According to me this statement does define a big part of bug.
Let’s divide the statement and try to make it simpler, “a bug is anything” = true isn’t it?

** Theory **
Prove “a bug is anything”.
A bug can be a functionality bug, a technical bug, hardware bug, GUI bug many more … a system is made up of 100,000 parts (assumed) and software can be a build of 10,000,000,000…… number of codes in this bug can be any where. That means a bug can bother you from any part of system or software and anything can turn as a bug.
Conclusion: - a bug can be anything so, be prepared!!

Prove “that bugs some one”.
As it is proved that a bug can be anything now being a bug he cannot sit ideal, a bug has to live up a standard life by creating a standard error, fault, mistake and many more words…
Usually when a human goes through a machine and finds that the machine is not working or performing as per his need or requirement or finds something disturbing or irritating, humans name’s it as bug, mistake, fault, error and many more…
{For example, an innocent child at home can be a bug or bother someone might be the teacher or an outsider. (Something weird)}
And this bug, mistake, fault, error…. Is made for everyone, might be in different form… (Something they really create a great nuisance.)
Conclusion: - bugs always bug someone so, be prepared you might be the next!!

Prove “Who matters”.
Your system is not responding well or software is not getting installed even though you have the required hardware who is bothered YOU.
Your child is not performing well in his exam who is bothered YOU.
Being a tester, software tested by you turns up a failure or PM (project manager) says there are many bugs now, who should be bothered YOU.
Conclusion: - when some thing belongs to you or your work (job), its you, for whom it does matters.
There is a very thin layer between winning and losing.

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