Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Microsoft office live small business...

Microsoft office live small business…

Microsoft has innovated a new product called Microsoft office live small business. Great place to build your site, choose domain (free for the first year), Add email and store/share docs. All this is for free, at the same time you get some (functionality) bugs which are also free. (But for lifetime)

Today, I got a mail from one of my friend saying he has found a Microsoft website were anyone can build their website and get their domain registered for free (only 1 year but free).
Doesn’t that sound great and fill you with a thrilling curiosity to experience a new product, as far as I’m concerned I was.

Singing in was an easy task so went on to create my profile while creating a profile there was a field enter credit card information where in, I was asked to fill in my credit card detail at that point a thought ran to my mind asking a question to me,
Question: what if I have a debit card instead of credit card, if that was the case then am I not eligible to sing up. Which was a bit fare question, forgot that case and went ahead.

The same field got loaded after few seconds with a message which says “if you get this message more than once, (link) report it as a recurring problem message 2004”
When a tester manipulates this statement as per his understanding this message it meant, if you get this screen more than once then please report it on this link (message 2004) with this they are trying to say we had found this is an error in the year 2004 but yet we couldn’t solve it. WOW!!

The main motive of this field was to ask the user to sign the Microsoft terms of use, and to fulfill this need the same field had a button at the screen end (read and sign the Microsoft terms of use)
When I clicked that button new screens within that same space opened with another statement saying “Review and accept the agreements” below this,
“Clicking I accept means that you agree to the window live services agreement (this was a link to agreement) and privacy (link)”.
The funny thing was the whole page and even both the link pages (window live… and privacy) none of them had a link or a button as “I accept”. Great isn’t it?

So thought lets go for a help link (at the right hand corner). A help page opened but, with a perquisite words in search box and even the language was different it appeared to be Hindi (Indian language). I clicked the search button which instead of helping me showed some errors as if help option needs some help. Fantastic!!

I was frustrated after repeating that same task for more than 5 to 6 times, felt like irritating so thought lets sign out and visit after some time. Clicked the home page link and from there sign out (link) I really didn’t knew that there was some more fun to come surprisingly, sign out link redirected me to an awesome page which again had two statements “You have signed out of Microsoft Office live” and “To return to office live” with this statement there was a button which had no name on it. Ok considered.

After reading these two statements a normal or you can say a rational user will think that yes we have logged out of our account.
Now, being a tester we are not either a normal or rational user (just kidding). It was amazing to see a button named as sign out (at the top right hand corner).
That means I haven’t logged out of my account, great!
Ok let’s consider this case might have occurred due to some reason but, clicking that sign out button should put me out of my account, don’t you think so?
Believe me I was really shocked because I couldn't sign out, that button just kept on refreshing the page.
Second thought lets try that ‘to return to office live unnamed button’ again the page kept on refreshing and irritating me.
I can say, I was forced to close the window unwillingly.

these two are my first videos, hope you'll like it.

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