Monday, April 13, 2009

Test republic

Series of registration page…

As we know there are multiple dimensions to view a particular object. The following post is just an example of my observation and dimension…

Firstly, let me thanks Edista for making this community where in fresh testers like me get an opportunity to discuss a point with one of the best testers in this world. Thanks a ton…

After a wonderful practice on registration pages, tried my hands on test republic’s registration page a community where all the testers reside.

I truly understand that there are many a things which we assume to be wrong but, no one complaint about it so, it goes on…

When I got to know about the, jumped directly to Sign Up, so that I can explore as well as learn and discuss more about software testing. This is what I found on the registration page, an ungrammatical sentence according to Microsoft words say’s “Problems Signing Up?” WOW!!

This was supposed to be tester’s perfect website but, as said earlier no complaint so, let it go…

Here’s another one,
when I click the above link, it means I have a problem in “signing up” Right?But, there is a statement saying “Problems Signing Up or Signing In” now, where did that ‘signing in’ came from?
Here’s another one,

when I click the above link, it means I have a problem in “signing up” Right?But, there is another statement on that same page saying “Forgot Your Password? Click here to reset your password” now, before signing up how one has forgotten the password which is not yet created?

When I visited the sign up page, thought there wouldn’t be any issues on this community since it’s a community of testers. Testers-legal person to screw up an application (as per developer's...just kidding).

These myths of mine didn’t last for to long because I came across another statement on the register page which was bit confusing, which say’s “We won't display your age without asking”.
We won’t display your age without asking but, whom? Mr. prime minister, the army man, anil kapur or some one else, whom are you gone ask before publishing my birthday?
I surely know this is not an issue but, just a weird thought, on other hand we cannot straightly deny the question whom?

Turning my head towards field “Email address” where in page accepted the email address Isn’t that great? (I have attached a screen shot as evidence).

Next field password, Microsoft words considers “a” as a word so thought why not put a single alphabet as password, believe me it did accept the password. Isn’t that great too?
I surely understand this is not a bug or defect but, purely a weird thought, on other hand we cannot deny that the strength of password is weak.

The last field on registration page, verification image. If we do not enter anything then an error message appears saying “Please enter the code that appears on the right-hand side.” and the field name is “Type the Code on the Right” a small contradiction between both the statements.

Secondly, I think when we have an image verification field it should be case sensitive on this page it’s not. Again it’s not a bug or defect or error but, just wanted to inform.

After this investigation we reach a page where we can create our profile, again an interesting page.
Wanted to write lots of thing about this page but, time has restricted me.
Through a screen shot I would like to give a simple example of how I created my profile.

I know after inspecting my profile and the e-mail address, admin would delete my account or ask me to fill in correct details.

My question is why we need a person to check each and everyone’s profile?
If we make our first page (sign up page) strong, will the need of this person exist?(The above statement is only for reducing admin’s work load, I truly understand being an admin and handling different task is not at all an easy job.)

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