Tuesday, April 7, 2009

IRCTC house of Bugs…

IRCTC house of Bugs…

One of the most visited website IRCTC used by N number of user and also a house of N number of bugs.
On 6-4-2009,
I was planning to book my (dad’s) tickets to Delhi so, the first website can into mind was IRCTC.
Website Worth: $5,289,855.21
Daily Page views: 2,415,459
Daily Ads Revenue: $7,246.38

I visited the website and the performance (server response) was good(I.E 7).
The first step was login, entered username and unfortunately, I entered a wrong password.
And as usual I got an error of wrong password or username. Good enough.

I repeated my first step with a correct password and I was surprised to see the result, there were some codes on the screen. Great isn’t it?
(I have taken some screen sorts of that page as evidence.
Screen sorts, because I knew this is something which is not gone repeat again.)

But, at the same time one question raised in my mind and that was,
Would it be safe to transfer money through your bank account?
When the basic level has bugs then, what about security level (card no. & passwords)?

Talking about the maker of this website “Hintechsys”.
Visit the website (http://www.hintechsys.com) and experience sample errors.
1. Portfolio option where the spelling of “Here” is “hrer”. Great!
2. Click the “Contact Us” option at the end of the page and you’ll see a beautiful error saying “Internal Server Error”. WOW!
3. Click the “Article” option at the end of the page and you’ll see a beautiful error saying “404 Error - Not Found”. WOW!
And many more….
This kind of service we provide to our Indian customer. Great isn’t it !!
In India “Sab chalta hai”.


  1. Ha Ha Hahhahahahahahahaha.......... for last 2 days we are trying to book a tatkal ticket in IRCTC..... I was not able to login into IRCTC. Went to the Ticket counter and got to see 100's of people waiting to book ticket...... Tried with Bus ticket, which use to be 800 for Volvo now costing 2000.... We now made up our minds, not to travel.....This is the way all Organizations working together to save our money

  2. irctc site a big slap on indian public, this site is used to make fool to peoples...