Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some questions to be answered...

My humble request to all the readers, Please consider the post as discussion only...

Putting my mind in discussion mode...
Some question raised to me for the qualification of a software tester...
If there is a qualification barrier for the testers following thing would be a plus point.

1. Suppose qualification barrier is implemented for being a software tester, the very first thing changes is software testing will become a standardize process.
2. As one of our community member(Mr.Pradeep) has said it very correctly that, if we assume there are 20,000 testers, then will have some 30,000 definitions for the term called software testing.Rather than having 30,000 definitions, if we implement a qualification barrier then we might have a single and a standard definition.
3. Testing assure quality of a product and if we implement a qualification barrier then it might work in a much more effective manner.
4. Qualification barrier will bring a standardize process or basic procedure of testing which will definitely cover the gray areas of testing.
5. IEEE 829 (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) had published standard or basic procedure for testing purpose but, do we really follow those steps? NO, that mean there is no standardization, in this case, qualification barrier might teach us to follow those basic or standard steps.

While writing these points there were few question raised in my mind…

1. Why there is no standard in a profession like software testing, by standard I mean ‘a degree or level of requirement’.
2. What’s a problem in getting certified? This question rose, because if we ask a doctor he say’s I have passed out MBBS or MD or PhD. If we ask a CA (chartered accountant) he say’s I have cleared the toughest exams. An Engineering person he says I have done my BE.

What about software testers?

I agree, no one can measure knowledge through a degree or certificate but, can anyone allow you to practice doctor’s profession without the qualification, can you become a judge or a lawyer in a court without the qualification. If the answer is NO, then why don’t we have a qualification barrier for becoming a software tester?
By the medium of software, software testing touches each and every profession, let that be a small business software or a doctors or judges software.

Ok let’s think the other way round, for example a nurse and a doctor they both work together but what differentiates is ‘Qualification’.A doctor and cook both belong to same profession called hospitality but what differentiates is ‘Qualification’.
What about software tester, no qualification.
Which profession do we belong?
Coz we don’t have any Qualification.

My humble request to all the readers, Please consider the post as discussion only...
I know this post might look a foolish question for some, but it's a question for me, so please share your views with me and everyone.....
Kind Regards,

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