Thursday, April 16, 2009

Searching The Meaning Of Software Testing

Software testing …
1. Who is a software tester?
2. Why do we need software tester?
3. What make a good software tester?
4. What does software testing stand for?
5. What is the definition of software testing?
6. Why do people take up software testing as a career?

Answering these questions is not an easy task because answers to these questions are very controversial and very debatable but, one can surely get an answer to these questions only if YOU keep Yourself in center of these questions.

1. Am I a software tester?
2. Why am I a Software tester?
3. Does my work speak for me?
4. What qualities made me a tester?
5. Do I learn from my work?
6. Is testing the best job for me?

When you answer these questions, you’ll get the real motive of software testing. When I answer to these questions I got an answer for a question what is software testing?

“Software testing is an experimental process, in search of quality.”

I understand that quality cannot be measured but, by quality I mean the level of customer/client satisfaction.
As we know the requirements are a never ending story, in this case testers are responsible to bring a standard level for a product by understanding and questioning the product.
It’s good to have a definition of your own but, you got to believe and understand the real motive of software testing.
I believe & accept Dr. Cem Kaner’s definition as a motive of software testing which says “Software testing is a technical investigation for the purpose of revealing the quality of a software product on behalf of stakeholders.”

It’s not wrong if I say, testers are critics for software because they are the one who forms and expresses judgments on a product or truth of a matter.

Even though, we add value to a product we get to hear questions like this,
Why do we need tester?
Being a tester we play one of the crucial roles in building software then too they ask,
Why have you chosen testing as a profession?

As we know, each and every one in this world some how play a role of tester but, yet we don’t have the definition which explains what testing is all about?

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