Thursday, April 9, 2009

Testers Desk.

Wow!! A great help for testers.

I am talking about an online desk for testers, where we can create test cases, reduce our data, do permutation and combination, random date picker, create strings, email creator, and many more things can be performed with the help of testers desk. Great isn't it!!

I can surely say this is a site were a tester can perform more than 50% of testing, now what is 50%?
50% is the documentation part which we testers have to create and this 50% also considers the thinking process like, permutation and combination between three different field or generating different emails lots many things…

My sir had informed me about this tool and a blog ( where we have a sample register page to test using testers desk.
Believe me guys it has a damn friendly GUI to handle and very interesting to explore.
Here is the link to register page, if you would like to experience it to yourself and do use the testers desk.

My experience on testers desk…

Done some testing stuff on register page and created some data using testersdesk, it was more of learning than testing.
The way I did testing was bit different, firstly I ran a test for the whole page…
First file...

Then I tested and twisted each and every field differently some what like this…

Second file…

Being a tester it is obvious to find (bugs) mistake.
Following are some confusing points I found in testersdesk and looking forward to see the changes.

1. The special character we use for testing for an example “” and ‘’ these character are not exported in the same form through CSV file which we download. I know this is not a bug, it’s a CSV’s limitation but just wanted to inform.

2. On ‘pair wise test case generator’ while uploading an input file there is a note saying “File Format - any text file with data like the below” does it means both Plain text and rich text file. If yes, then let me inform you that it does not support word document.

3. On pair wise Test case generator(in whole application) it does accept all the special character like “!@#$^&” but the percentage character ‘%’ is neither accepted in for parameter nor in value. If there is a % character an exception error is shown.

But, over all it was an excellent experience…
Seriously, a great help for testing community…

Thanks to all the team members for creating this site…

Kind Regards,


  1. A question for you; Were you able to use the data produced by TD in testing that registration page?

    And about the issues you posted on TD:

    #1 as you know is a CSV issue, but can you paste the exact input data which you are not able to see in the output? I may have a workaround or something.

    #2 "any text file" to most people means ascii characters. rich text is binary (though viewers show it as readable text) at file format level. anyway, i accept this as an issue because last week i got a mail from a user that they have the inputs in word documents. i will change "any text file" to "any plain text file".

    #3 The % character is a known problem. That is the only special character that causes that problem. Will fix it as soon as possible.

    In the screenshot you attached, the tabs dont seem to appear at all. Which specific version of IE are you using? The way we implemented is the selected tab will have a more contrasting background and shows its letters in bold.

  2. Hi Ashwin,

    Being very honest, I haven't used the data produced by TD to test the register page coz time was a restriction for me and as I said it earlier, test data I produced was just a small result of exploring…

    But, just now I again read the blog and there Sir (MR. Pradeep) has mentioned about some goodies to be won, for that do we have to test register page and report the nos. of bug.

    Coming back to issues,

    1. I would like inform you, why the quotes were not handled when I downloaded the CSV.
    What happened was first I wrote the parameters/values in a word file (with the quotes) and all the special character to test and directly copied it to TD, due to which the quotes were in different format as compared to copying it from a notepad or writing it on TD directly.

    In simple words,
    1. Write { “select” } in word file copy from there and paste it on TD as a value for one of the parameter, then download the CSV you’ll see the quotes are changed into {‘select’}. Repeat the step but, this time write it in notepad or directly on TD, then download the CSV it works fine…

    I truly understand this might not be an issue but then, just wanted to inform you.

    2. I was using IE7 while exploring TD and ashwin you haven’t mentioned anything about the curly brackets point in the screen shot.

    One small request ashwin, can we use “ TsD ” initials to represent Testers Desk because TD is more often used for Test director.

    Looking forward for your comments….
    A humble request for you,
    Being new in testing field mistakes are bound to happen, so please correct me if I am wrong…

    Kind Regards,

  3. The curly brackets thing is fixed and also thanks for the remaining information.

    Yes. Pradeep's post was that if you can write on how you used in testing activities of other applications like that registration page, you may get a few goodies.

    >> Being new in testing field mistakes are bound to happen, so please correct me if I am wrong…

    all of us do mistakes. no worries:-)