Sunday, July 12, 2009

Work experience...

Hi everyone,

Currently, I am testing four projects at a time, being a fresher I never believed myself that I can perform well in this kind of situation or handle so much of pressure at a time but, some time I think is it correct to do this kind of experiment.
I can say it’s an experiment to test my ability, to test my performance, to test my testability and there are many a things to be tested in a tester.

While doing this experiment I learnt a lesson which left me with a moral and a question for me, I really don’t know which one to accept as a question or moral, I cannot make up my mind.
This moral and a question was in form of a sentence which as follow,
Question --> Test plan and implementing on this test plan are two different things
Moral --> Planning and working are inversely proportional to each other

With the following example I have concluded my question and my moral from the above two sentences.
For ex. When we finish a round of testing and revert back to test plan to check the nos. reports to be produce for the client, at this point of time a question comes to your mind,
“Making a test plan and implementing on this test plan are these two different things?”

When we plan our testing criteria (a type of testing enforced on a module) and when we produce a conclusion through planned criteria. This conclusion turns up to be some thing different which we had never thought off. “Planning and working are inversely proportional to each other”

This is what I have concluded but, there are many time where I find my moral as a question and my question as my moral.

Getting into deeper sections, I found some thing very common in these two things (my moral and my conclusion) that is “ Mentality ” the state of mind, the way you look at software’s, the way you approach a software, the way you bug yourself to find a bug in a software. On different stages of software development different direction / dimension is needed and we testers are not responsible for the change in method of testing it’s the product which demands proper attention from all direction. Yes, we testers are responsible for the mentality we carry while testing particular software. We being the first user for the newly build software it’s our responsibility to modify or be flexible to fit in as per customer’s requirement, as per user requirement, as per developers requirement.
I don’t want to get into the fight of developer VS testers instead just think after the PM (project manager) we should have the art of getting our bugs fixed.

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