Saturday, May 30, 2009

Questions to an interviewer..

Sunday meetings.
On this Sunday every one was cool and calm (My developer friends), but the topic wasn’t.
One of my developer friend started abusing the interviewer we all were clueless then,
abuser said: guys I had been to an interview day before yesterday and the interviewer was so dum.
I: (interrupted him and questioned) How can you say that?
Abuser: He asked me a question which he didn’t knew so he was trying his hands on me or you can say he was playing with all interviewee life, does that soundzz good.
That’s it! That’s how we got our topic for this Sunday obviously “INTERVIEWS”.

As usual we had a bad (I mean great) debate on this topic, following is my observation and learning from this Sunday.

Interviewer a great personality who knows every thing, this is what interviewee thinks.
On the other hand it wouldn’t be wrong if I say while taking interview, interviewer changes their personality (splits) and act what they are not.
Its we who make an interview either boring or interesting, now you might have a question what is boring interview and what is interesting interview.
First let me tell you, the meaning of interview “a conversation in which two well-known person share their views, knowledge, etc” but do we really follow this, No, I don’t think so.
Coming back to boring and interesting part, when only interviewer questions and only interviewee answers this is a boring interview. Interesting, when interviewer and interviewee cross questions each other and both try to find solution automatically this becomes interesting one.
I don’t understand why people get scared of interviews, in fact if we see the other way round, it’s a great opportunity to meet some one who is more experienced and might have better knowledge.

Again questions raised which were a bit controversial or one which were left with silence.
I promise my self to ask these questions to my interviewers. I’ll seriously like to do that because I want to see the difference between answers of two interviewers.


1. What makes you decide the eligibility for a tester?
2. What are the basic qualities you expect in a tester even when the word quality cannot be defined?
3. What is the definition of quality for you?
4. How do you judge (differentiate) testers ability?
5. How do you motivate testers?
6. What is your definition of software testing?
7. Do you really implement your definition in your testing?
8. What is a tester’s job except testing, according to you?
9. Why do we need a tester?
10. Does a tester add value to your product?
11. What is your qualification and designation in this company?
12. How testing standards are created and maintained?
13. What made you choose testing field?
14. According to you who are a perfect tester?
15. One thing that you don’t like about a fresh and experienced testers.

This questions are not just for testing Profession, you can interchange the word "testing" to your profession and try to get answers for yourself.
Please leave back your comments if you get an answer for a single question, from your comments someone or I might get educated, so leave back your comments to educate others...

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